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From the Editor:

"Building a Great Team" is the theme of this advance preview issue-and that is the goal of The O&P EDGE team as we work to bring you the cutting-edge information you need to thrive in a tight business environment while providing optimum patient care.

Check out the descriptions of the various departments designed to keep you on the leading edge. Our distinguished panel of Advisory Board members will assist in bringing you the very best in vital subjects to meet your professional and business needs.

"No man is an island," said the great English poet John Donne. Likewise, no profession is an island, but rather a part of the larger health care scene, which in turn is part of the economic and political panorama. The O&P EDGE will publish articles on other rehabilitation-related disciplines as well as health care-related news impacting the rehabilitation arena.

Twenty-first century patient care and business operation needs 21 st century communications technology. Our strategic technology partner,, is assisting us in combining the best in web and print to bring enhanced value to O&P and allied health professions. We invite you-our readers-to be a part of our team. Your news and views are welcome and appreciated! Please let us know how we can best serve you as you continue providing 21 st century rehabilitation care. We look forward to hearing from you.

Miki Fairly

From the President:

You may be asking yourself-another magazine? What are we going to have to offer you that the others do not? How can we bring you any information that you are not already receiving? The O&P EDGE will present you with information that is exciting, "edgy," clinical, and interesting. We've compiled a team passionate about the industry. Our team is dedicating all of its energy to delivering a bold print publication while harnessing the power of Internet technology. We believe that the outcome of our efforts will evolve into an unparalleled information experience for the O&P community, and we appreciate your support in helping make this a reality. Watch for The O&P EDGE premiere issue coming May 1! Our web site, , will be bringing you up-to-the-minute news and exciting perspectives as we develop dynamic ideas in the weeks ahead. We want to make this your (our readers') magazine!

We look forward to working with you.

Tonja Randolph