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From the Editor:

Miki Fairley
Miki Fairley

With pride and enthusiasm, we present our premiere issue of The O&P EDGE! Thank you for your support and interest at the Academy meeting as we launched our new publication with an advance preview mini-magazine and celebrated the Homecoming of our technology partner, OANDP.COM, founded at the Academy meeting six years ago in Orlando.

Like the O&P profession, we are a work in progress, constantly evolving to keep our readers on the cutting edge of the 21st century. Watch for the stream of innovations during the coming months in our print magazine, our website-www.oandp.com/edge where you will find up-to-the-minute news-and with the team that will be providing all of our Internet Technology, OANDP.COM. Together print and Internet provide a terrific synergy to serve the O&P and other rehabilitation professions.

Miki Fairley

From the President:

Western Media, LLC Team
Western Media, LLC Team

If you didn't attend the Annual Academy meeting in Orlando, this may be the first that you have heard about the newest publication for the orthotics and prosthetics community. You may see some very familiar names on our publication staff, and that's because although the publication is new, we are not at all new to O&P. We've compiled a team passionate about the industry that is dedicating all of its energy to delivering a bold new publication. In addition to our print publication, we are going to harness the power of Internet technology through a technology partnership with OANDP.COM to streamline communication and to help keep you thoroughly informed, no matter where you are.

Many changes have been taking place in and around the industry, and we are excited about providing new opportunities for you to keep on top of current topics and trends. This issue hits on some of the cutting-edge topics that are hot in O&P today, and we look forward to your feedback.

Any suggestions, ideas, and contributions are always welcome. With the support of the profession and through our strong partnerships, the sky is the limit as we launch into a new era of communication for O&P. We welcome you to Explore, Communicate, and Grow!

Tonja Randolph