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We're on our way! This, our second issue, explores some of the challenges of today's O&P practice.

Ethical issues pose more of a dilemma than ever before. Putting the patient first was almost automatic before today's tight reimbursement climate. Legal landmines just waiting to be detonated add to the dilemmas. This issue's feature article on ethical practice, plus an online interview ( ) with Dr. Wilton H. Bunch, orthopedic surgeon, scoliosis specialist, and noted ethicist, will help you reach sound decisions.

What's happening now in O&P education will help set standards for the profession for decades to come-and the issues are not all homegrown. The Negotiated Rulemaking Committee of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), allied health profession organizations, and consumer groups are impacting its direction. Sidney Fishman, PhD, sets the stage for a series of articles on vital educational issues.

Technicians-this one's for you! "Shop Talk" features news, tips, and how-to's by and for technicians. Check this department out and add your input!

How do you get your top people to stay with your company, rather than flying off to opportunities elsewhere? Facility owner Joe Sansone shares his reasons for success.

And-our new, exciting website (the temporary one is no more) is up and running. Our strategic technology partners,, have outdone themselves! Visit us at .

More innovations in both web and print will be coming down the highway-more "news you can use." Enjoy-and let us know what you like, what you don't, and what you want to see more of!