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By Scott Tracewell

Attention Technicians: You now have a platform to share your technical expertise and get acquainted with your fellow technical associates across the country. Welcome to Shop Talk! Read on to learn what Shop Talk is all about.

Shop Talk is for technicians from technicians. This means that, even though I will be writing the articles most of the time, the content for each article will come from technicians like "YOU." The articles will not simply be my point of view on how technicians should act or fabricate-they will be as objective as possible with input from the whole field.

Topics for this article are not limited to tech tips (although they are all welcome). Subjects can include safety, lab management, and anything else you feel would be relevant-don't be afraid to submit any and all ideas. I assure you that all submissions will be reviewed and that anyone who suggests a topic will receive a response.

Technical education opportunities will be posted. Education committees are always looking for new people to add to their list, so if you are interested in giving or attending a technical lecture, please contact Shop Talk. The opportunities are endless through this forum, but we need your input; what do you want to hear?

One of our goals at The O&P EDGE is to introduce technicians through these articles. The tech responsible for the topic that is published will receive credit by having his or her name, company name, a short bio, and color photo at the end of the article. The information will also be available online at .

This is where technicians have a voice and are heard. Shop Talk will appear in The O&P EDGE every other month.

The O&P EDGE understands the importance of furthering technical education. So tune in and get ready to learn something new and meet your fellow techs. Watch for the first technical article in the July issue of The O&P EDGE.

Thanks for reading Shop Talk.

Scott Tracewell is a technician and vice president, Fabtech Systems LLC.