Russ Miller, CP

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Audubon Orthotic & Prosthetic Services Colorado Springs, Colorado

How did you get involved in O&P?

I was a therapist in orthopedics and working quite a bit with amputees. Therapists didn't get paid much, so I went back to school. Also, my wife was a therapist, and we were driving each other crazy!

What would you change about O&P?

Abolish healthcare politics! Get away from the "business" of healthcare and get back to the business of patient care.

What's your worst job-related experience?

Product failure in which someone falls.

Tell us about your family.

I have three kids: Sean, 13; Heidi, 10; and Evan, 8, plus four-legged family members: two dogs, several cats, horses-a regular "Old MacDonald's Farm"!

Any regrets in choosing O&P as a career?

No. Every day I get to see people realizing life doesn't end with amputation. The fact that I can help makes it all worthwhile.

Any plans to retire?

Yesterday, but that didn't work out.