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Despite the continued uncertainty about what will happen on the Hill on competitive bidding and what will come out of the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee meetings, the O&P field continues to forge ahead.

The recent AOPA National Assembly in Chicago added to attendees' business and clinical knowledge base, as well as showcasing exciting new products. O&P technicians too are getting together online to share knowledge and camaraderie and to grow professionally. Internet resources for O&Pand other allied health professions are steadily expanding.

Pedorthists are unique and valuable members of the rehab team. This month's PFA meeting promises to be a goldmine of knowledge sharing and fellowship.

On the business side, what can help in a tighter reimbursement environment? An entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to try new ideas may provide the answer. This month's feature article, "Retail Sales: Is There a Place in Your Business?" can help you weigh the idea of adding a retail dimension to your practice. Also, don't miss the business "case study" online.

As we all know, paying attention to the "nuts and bolts" of business, such as your billing department, can increase the bottom line. Check out the article, "Billing: Keep Your Eye on the Ball."

On the clinical side, "A New Concept in Above-Knee Socket Design," describes an innovative idea that provides more patient comfort and a more natural gait.

What's new - what's old - and what works! These are some of the tools that help the rehabilitation professions meet the challenge of business and patient care in a changing world.