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This month features the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (AAOP). With over 100 sessions enhancing practitioners' clinical and business skills, there will be a lot to take home from San Diego!

Research helps spell the future of the O&P profession. The feature article, "O&P Research: A Question of Quality-or Quantity?" explores the current state of O&P research.

Daniel Sheret is an amputee who was greatly helped by undergoing an Ertl procedure surgery.  He describes his experience in "Today's Consumer." An article on the Ertl procedure will be published in an upcoming issue.

Physical therapists and orthotists/prosthetists have the same goal-a good outcome for their patients-but they approach the task from different perspectives. In this issue, a PT specializing in working with amputees gives her frank view of prosthetists and how to best work with PTs.

The O&P and rehab scene is always changing-it's a challenge and an adventure. Thank you, readers and advertisers, for a great first year for The O&P EDGE!