Richard Hughes, Orthotist/Prosthetist

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Richard Hughes, Orthotist/Prosthetist
Bauerfeind USA
Kennesaw, Georgia

How did you become involved in O&P?

I lost my limb in a sailing accident at age 21.
I watched the prosthetist make my first leg, and knew that we built sailboats better than that. I knew that I could build a better leg.

Do you still sail?

Absolutely - I'm on the US Disabled Sailing Team, which won a silver medal in 1998 and did well in the Miami Olympic Class Regatta this January - won another silver medal!

What is your nationality or family background?

I'm Welsh and proud of it. I became a US citizen only two years ago, although I've lived in the US since I was 10.

Paper or plastic?

Definitely paper!

Have you ever demonstrated for a cause?

Yes. Im passionate about many causes.

What change or advancement would you like to see in O&P?

I would like to see practitioners open their minds and follow manufacturers instructions. I would also like to see more people provide feedback.

Who is your favorite superhero?

Clinton Skink Tyree and Skip Wiley - look them up!

(Find out more about Skink Tyree and Skip Wiley at Hint: Try the links for the books Sick Puppy and Tourist Season.)