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Paperwork is a pain, probably most of us would agree. In fact, one practitioner serving in a humanitarian mission abroad said that what he enjoyed most, along with helping others, was--no paperwork!

However, paperwork can keep our businesses healthy. A vital way paperwork can protect a business is when it's hit with a lawsuit. Attorney Kevin Foley examines the key role of careful, accurate documentation in winning your case, if this should happen to you.

Another case of "paperwork blues" is presented by the plethora of problems that can arise in billing, reimbursement, and collections. However, help has arrived via a new column in The O&P EDGE, "Got FAQs?", which debuted in July. Send your questions to billing whiz Lisa Lake-Salmon, executive vice president of Acc-Q-Data Inc.:

As facility owners are only too aware, costs have been rising while reimbursements have been declining, squeezing O&P companies from both sides. What to do? Savvy management in several areas is a tool for surviving and thriving, and some successful owners and practitioners share their advice in the article, "The Business of O&P: Warm and Tropical or Frozen Tundra?"

We hope all our readers are able to take some time from busy schedules to enjoy at least some of the "lazy, crazy days" of summer--picnics, boating, fishing, watermelon, corn on the cob, camping, loafing in a hammock &.some of the best "stress management tools" around!