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"...I dream things that never were, and say, Why not?'"
                  --George Bernard Shaw, English playwright

These words could well apply to the prosthetists, engineers, and other visionaries who constantly seek to produce better prosthetic and orthotic devices to improve the quality of life for amputees and orthotic users. This issue's feature articles on current and future prosthetic knees illustrate just one aspect of creative thinking in the O&P field.

Of course, a spur to bringing these ideas to life is business competition and the need to be profitable. Even renowned labor leader Samuel Gompers, the first president of the American Federation of Labor, said, "The worst crime against working people is a company that fails to operate at a profit." However, when does "fair profit" cross the line and become "greed"? This is a soul-searching question every conscientious business owner would need to ask him or herself.

Creative thinking, practical knowledge and skills, altruism, and commercial interests form a seemingly unlikely quartet ultimately working for the benefit of O&P and allied health consumers. Here is another quote to think about, this one from that famous writer, "Anonymous": "In the race for quality, there is no finish line."