Roger Marzano, CPO, CPed

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Roger Marzano, CPO, CPed
Yanke Bionics Clinics Inc.
Akron, Ohio

What is the best advice you've ever received?

The best advice came from my mentor, Mark Yanke, CPO, CPed. He said that if you take care of the patient, business will take care of itself and prosper.

What is your favorite sport?

I like golf, and if motorcycling is a sport, then that takes precedence.

Why did you decide to go into the O&P profession?

I started in the profession as a high school job and really enjoyed using my hands and brain to improve the quality of patients lives. I have been in the field 26 years and have no regrets whatsoever.

Why did you decide to become a certified pedorthist?

Ian Alexander, MD, a renowned foot and ankle orthopedist, got me involved in pedorthics in 1989, and I have benefited both personally and professionally. Pedorthics has enhanced my clinical abilities in orthotics and prosthetics as well.

What advice would you give a newcomer to O&P or pedorthics?

The same I was given: Take care of the patient and your career will take care of itself. The patient is the reason we are in business.

If you could be a movie star, who would you be?

Probably Tom Cruise; he seems well grounded in both his career and his faith. Plus, it would be a blast to be involved in his action films.