From the Editor: Giving to Others Brings Joy

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By Miki Fairley

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchill

Many prosthetists and orthotists have given of their time and expertise to help others, and thus have enjoyed a heartfelt satisfaction, plus honing their skills under frequently difficult circumstances and acquiring memories of incredible experiences to last a lifetime. In our Global View article read about the story of one such group, Sonrie Ministries, as it establishes the first permanent prosthetic facility in Belize.

For almost ten years now, another organization has been noted for its efforts to help amputees with no other resources. You can read more about the Barr Foundation and how it came about in "Acts of Kindness Lead to Hope and Help."

Liners Add Comfort to Amputees

Even technologically advanced components wont help amputees much if they are feeling considerable discomfort. A large factor enhancing comfort is the right linerand liners are available in more materials, covers, and options than ever before. Although, of course, the perfect liner doesnt exist, the sheer variety available today will help the prosthetist find the best solution for a particular patient. For more information, go to our feature article this month "Liner Choices Create Comfort."

Am I Going Where I Want To Be?

Speaking at the 2004 PFA Symposium, Roger Crawford, who became a tennis star despite limb impairment in all four limbs, brought out that we can move toward, but not beyond, what we can imagine. Each one of us can ask ourselves, "Where am I going?" Where do we see ourselves in the next year, the next five years, the next ten? How can each of us get to where we want to be? Now is a good time to ask those questions of ourselves and begin our personal plan. A smooth path is not guaranteed, but each of us will be going in the direction toward where we want to be.