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By Karen Henry

The O&P EDGE, the industry's most-read O&P professional publication, and, the industry's online portal, have joined forces to bring you EDGE Direct, your source for O&P news and information delivered once a month straight to your e-mail inbox.

EDGE Direct will replace the Newsletter, but for those of you who are loyal readers of the Newsletter, don't worry. With EDGE Direct, you'll still get the content you're accustomed to receiving each month such as the latest industry headlines and links to leading content in the current issue of The O&P EDGE, as well as a preview of what's coming in the next issue. But I'm also excited to introduce the following new features:

Online Exclusives: Some stories just can't wait for print. When breaking news happens, we'll bring it to you first in EDGE Direct.

Hot Topics: This department tracks and presents the most-discussed topics on the OANDP-L listserv and other sources.

Offbeat O&P: "You wouldn't believe it even if I told you..." Sound familiar? Whether you have a "strange-but-true" reimbursement story or something O&P related that's just a little bit off the beaten path, this is your forum. Send your stories to

Tech Tips: For technicians who are looking for quick solutions to common (or uncommon) problems, "Tech Tips" will address your questions and give you practical advice to help you stay on top of your workload. Send your questions to

Technology in Practice: Brought to you by, this department will address the myriad of ways that technology can be used to help you run your practice more efficiently.

The calendar and classified ad listings have also been expanded so that all of the information you need is right at your fingertips. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Becky Seely at for more information.

If you don't already subscribe to the Newsletter, I hope you'll join our online community of readers. Subscribe to EDGE Direct at

All of us at The O&P EDGE are excited to be a part of this online collaboration. We have a few more developments on the way. Keep watching The O&P EDGE website for additional new media enhancements.

Thanks for reading.

Karen Henry
Editor, The O&P EDGE