Evolution Liners Enters the Pediatric Market

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Evolution Liners Inc. is pleased to announce its entrance into the pediatric market with new liners that are designed and sized especially for kids. Evolution's new Chameleon liners are available in a cushion or a locking design in four different colors: fluorescent orange, electric blue, neon green, and hot pink.

"We wanted to provide a liner for the parents and kids that was easy to care for and easy to clean," said Craig MacKenzie, CP, RTP(c), CEO of Evolution Liners. "No covers to worry about getting dirty."

Chameleon liners offer the same features as Evolution's Origin liners: a silky surface that allows the liner to slide on itself; easy to don and doff; no coatings that crack, peel, or wear off; and no covers to tear or run.

Visit Evolution Liners the Academy Meeting and Scientific Symposium in Orlando, Florida, at booth #415 to see its full line of custom and off-the-shelf liners. All Evolution liners are fabricated with its patent pending silicone formula.