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By Karen Henry

At its annual conference last year, the Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) announced that it would be pursuing a national parity bill. "This is something that everyone says is impossible," Paddy Rossbach, RN, president and CEO of the ACA, said. "Of course, they said it was impossible to pass bills state by state. We must try."

The ACA did more than just try. In March, a federal bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Prosthetic Parity Act is the result of years and countless hours of work on the part of ACA staff members, O&P professionals, volunteer activists, and legislators. And as Morgan Sheets, national advocacy director for the ACA, says in this month's Progress on Parity , there is more work to be done to keep the momentum going. Judith Philipps Otto takes a behind the scenes look at what went into making a federal prosthetic parity bill a reality and what work lies ahead in the fight for parity.

Also this month, Séamus Kennedy, BEng (Mech), CPed, presents part one in a two-part series on foot orthotic biomechanics, John Latsko explores how healthcare reform might take shape under one of the three frontrunners in the bid for U.S. president , and Brady Delander provides some useful tips on how to make a successful state and regional educational conference .

Welcome Back

I am pleased to welcome back Chelan Keeter (formerly Chelan Pedrow) to The O&P EDGE as a contributing writer. Many of you may remember Chelan as our Education Outlook contributor in 2006 and 2007. She brings back her insightful perspective and poignant voice to this month's Today's Consumer article, "Michael Johnson Jr.: Becoming a Superhero".

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Karen Henry
Editor, The O&P EDGE