Déjà Vu

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By Karen Henry

We're closing this issue on the heels of a successful meeting in Chicago. More than 200 people entered our drawing for a Nintendo® Wii™ while visiting The O&P EDGE booth at the AOPA National Assembly. Novice and experienced batters of all ages took their chance to hit a few balls out of the park in our Home Run Derby. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to chat with our readers and welcome a number of new ones.

Of course, the conference offered practitioners and exhibitors much more than the opportunity to increase their eye-hand coordination at our booth. The National Assembly offered a full slate of educational sessions and special events, as well as a product- and services-filled exhibit hall. We'll provide full conference coverage in our November issue. However, there is one recurring question that practitioners and exhibitors alike were asking that wasn't on the conference agenda: Why cant the O&P field have just one national educational meeting per year?

For most of you, this is not a new question, and I realize there are strong opinions on each side, so I'm not going to argue for one side or the other. What I am going to do, though, is invite feedback not only from practitioners but also from organizations and associations that have a stake in the national shows. Why do you want-or not want-to see the national shows consolidate? Is it possible to consolidate these shows? If not, why? Send your comments to

On a lighter note, I'd like to welcome a new "Education Outlook" columnist to The O&P EDGE. Michael Carroll will be sharing his experiences with you as he completes his bachelor of science degree in orthotics and prosthetics at St. Petersburg College in Florida. Kristin Carnahan, our previous "Education Outlook" columnist has graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology's master of science in prosthetics and orthotics (MSPO) program and is now pursuing her residency. We wish her well as she begins the next stage of her O&P journey.