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By Tonja Randolph

Have you visited today? Yesterday? How many times in the last week? The last month? Chances are that if you are a practitioner in the field, you visit the site regularly. It has been nearly a month since the launch of the new site, and we'd like your feedback.

Tonja Randolph

I'm excited to move forward with a more integrated content/technology partnership with When I chose as the technology partner for The O&P EDGE seven years ago, I was looking for a reputable portal through which to bring the highest number of readers to our industry-specific content. I recognized that having an independent print publication would not be enough to effectively reach U.S. and international readers. Fast forward to today. With postage rates skyrocketing, media companies folding, and readers increasingly "going green," the more information we can put online, the broader an audience we will reach. Google anything O&P related, and more times than not, an article from The O&P EDGE, brought to you through, is at or near the top of the list. Each month, receives approximately 45,000 visitors and more than 100,000 page views. And thanks to our newly expanded web-content team, you can look forward to more first-rate web-exclusive content on the new

Please take some time to navigate the new site. Click any topic or audience category to find the information you want more quickly and easily. If you find a page that uniquely suits your needs, subscribe to the RSS feed on that page, and then let us know if you enjoy receiving content in this way. Also, let us know if the daily news items that we post are easy to find.

We've also redesigned our online calendar and classified pages. Are they easy to navigate?

The new is only the beginning. We want you to be a part of where we go from here. What do you like about the new website? What features would you suggest changing? Please send your comments and suggestions to

To advertise your practice in the facility listings, or to place a classified or calendar ad, please contact Jodi Mills at

In honor of Earth Day—April 22—this month's issue of The O&P EDGE features a slate of articles related to O&P and the environment. Industry experts discuss with Judith Philipps Otto why "It's Not Easy Being Green" in O&P. Chelan Keeter explores what O&P clinicians and technicians can do to protect themselves from environmental hazards, and Jane Albritton shares some ways that "Going Green is Good for Business" in our Better Business Series. Happy reading, and happy Earth Day.

Tonja Randolph
President and Publisher