Playing the Odds

By Karen Henry
Karen Henry

Every day-whether consciously or not-people make personal risk assessments. For example, the odds of a person being struck by lightning during his or her lifetime are great enough-10,000 to 1, according to the National Weather Service-that we are generally comfortable going outdoors without worry when the skies are storm-free, but not so great that we don't consider the possible ramifications of going outside in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Most of us live happy, productive, and active lives, in part, because we are not obsessed with personal risk. We live our lives knowing that there are certain things we cannot control, and nature is chief among those things.

When personal tragedy strikes, everything can change in an instant-your personal well-being, your family, and even your home. When a natural disaster strikes-flood, hurricane, or tornado-the circle of impact broadens considerably. Entire communities are impacted, and the ripple effects can go on for years.

While we can't prevent natural disasters and other crises from occurring, we can create plans for what we would do should the unthinkable happen. Such plans can provide a semblance of order in what otherwise is chaos beyond anything we could possibly imagine.

For this month's cover story, The O&P EDGE  talked with several O&P professionals whose businesses were impacted by natural disasters. They are using the lessons they learned to be better prepared if there ever is a next time. While the best hope for a disaster recovery or crisis plan is that it never needs to be used, having a plan in place for yourself and your business can add greatly to your peace of mind.

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