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Hanger unveils its new brand identity during the opening ceremony. Subject to shareholder approval at the company's annual shareholder meeting in May, Hanger Orthopedic Group will be renamed Hanger, and Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics will be renamed Hanger Clinic. Photographs courtesy of Hanger.

Hanger Orthopedic Group, Austin, Texas, culminated its 150th anniversary celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada, with its annual Education Fair and National Meeting, held January 30-February 3. Approximately 900 clinicians and 350 exhibitor representatives attended the event.

During the opening ceremony, Hanger unveiled a comprehensive new brand identity for its parent company, Hanger Orthopedic Group, and its patient care business, Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics. The brand consists of new company names, logos, and designs, as well as more consistent business practices, standards of service, and communications.

A number of Hanger patients were on hand to help unveil the new brand identity, including 13-year-old Megan McKeon and 34-year-old U.S veteran Sharod Edwards.

A Latvia native who lost one of her legs when she was five-months old as a result of burns she suffered when her mother dropped a cigarette in her crib, McKeon endured 23 experimental amputations to her leg while under hospital care. She is now an active girl and lives with her adoptive parents in California. She said she has been particularly inspired by Winter, the dolphin with the prosthetic tail made by Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP, vice president of prosthetics at Hanger; and Florida-based Hanger clinician Dan Strzempka, CPO.

Hanger patient Megan McKeon at the opening ceremony.

While serving in Iraq with the Navy, Edwards suffered a combat-related injury on Christmas Day in 2005, which resulted in the amputation of his right arm below the elbow. He was recently fit with the Ottobock Michelangelo Hand.

Hanger's new brand identity was developed over an 18-month period, according to the company, and involved extensive research, including nearly 1,000 internal and external stakeholder insights. The new logos include the tagline, "Empowering Human Potential," which Hanger President and Chief Operating Officer Vinit Asar said is more than just a tagline. "'Empowering Human Potential' is a mantra for all Hanger employees and a promise to all patients and customers," Asar said.

Hanger also used the occasion to announce the establishment of the James Edward Hanger Awards of Excellence. Awards were given in six categories: collaboration, customer service, clinical excellence, leadership, pioneering innovation, and strategic flexibility.

"We are excited to unveil the James Edward Hanger Awards of Excellence as they celebrate and honor our company's most talented individuals and teams," said Hanger CEO Thomas F. Kirk. "Each of the award recipients make valuable contributions to Hanger's continuing success and are very deserving of this esteemed honor." (Editor's note: To read about the award winners, see sidebar below.)

Hanger provided its employees a comprehensive continuing education program. The most well-attended clinical courses included sessions on pediatric orthotics, microprocessorcontrolled knees, post-operative prosthetic care, and 2012 coding and compliance.

During the gala celebration held on the final day of the Education Fair, members of the Haitian Amputee Coalition-The Harold and Kayrita Anderson Family Foundation; Physicians for Peace; the Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB); medi, Bayreuth, Germany; and Donald Peck Leslie, MD, of the Shepherd Center, Atlanta, Georgia-were recognized for their partnership with the Hanger Ivan R. Sabel Foundation and their collective efforts to restore mobility to more than 1,200 Haitian amputees at the Hanger Clinic in Haiti. Afterward, CMMB presented the Hanger Ivan R. Sabel Foundation and Hanger with the Global Health Care Leadership Award.

"This year was an especially exciting Education Fair with the culmination of our 150th anniversary celebrations and the launch of our new brand identity," said Kirk. "We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Members of the Hanger family left feeling energized, with their sights set on the next 150 years of empowering human potential." Hanger's 2013 Education Fair and National Meeting will take place at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The dates have not yet been announced.

Hanger Awards of Excellence Recipients Announced

The winners of the 2011 James Edward Hanger Awards of Excellence are as follows:

Collaboration: Hanger's mergers and acquisitions team, consisting of Mike Schlesinger, Craig Wright, Robert Rock, Margaret Boren, and Jeff Martin, was recognized for its work across multiple business units within the company.

Customer Service: Randy Richardson was acknowledged for his development and execution of Hanger's Amputee Rehabilitation Program for wounded, retired soldiers.

Clinical Excellence: Brian Heckathorn, CPO, with Hanger's South Easton, Massachusetts, patient care clinic and Matthew Luetke, CPO, with Hanger's Kansas City, Kansas, patient care clinic were recognized for the superior patient outcomes they deliver to a diverse range of patient types and conditions.

Leadership: Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP, vice president of prosthetics, was recognized for his exemplary contributions and dedication to Hanger and its patients as a productive researcher, a compassionate clinician, a visionary thinker, a generous contributor, a skilled educator, and a natural leader.

Pioneering Innovation: Hanger's Ampu-Shield Team-Steve Miller, CPO; Mike Duston, CPO; John Rheinstein, CP, FAAOP; Anthony Potter; Shonn Goodwin; Stacey Whiteside, CO; Al Maciunas, CPO, FAAOP; Lori Pipinich, CP; and Wallis Farraday, CP, LP-was recognized for its development of the coordinated-care Ampu-Shield program.

Strategic Flexibility: Dan Ruppa was honored for his collaborative and innovative work across multiple departments within Hanger business unit Innovative Neurotronics. Antony Ricketts was recognized for his work as chief financial officer of Hanger business unit Accelerated Care Plus (ACP).