Why Our Personalized Approach Yields Unsurpassed Outcomes

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Customer service representatives at PEL always strive to deliver the very best service in the O&P industry by anticipating each independent practitioner's needs.

A friendly voice, an easy, pleasant experience, and a short wait time before someone answers the phone are all hallmarks of PEL service. While it is important to hire tech-savvy people these days, we believe it is equally important to hire people-savvy customer service representatives who naturally show interest in the needs of others.

When you call PEL, not only will someone answer the phone quickly, he or she will also carefully listen to your needs and find ways to help. This level of interest and attentiveness is what we strive to achieve with every practitioner interaction. After all, your time is valuable to you and your patients. You will also find PEL customer service representatives to be responsible. They will follow through on your requests in a timely and responsive way and will also keep promises to help you deliver better patient outcomes year in and year out.

Our inspiration to deliver great customer service started with Paul E. Leimkuehler's genuine desire and determination to deliver the very best service in the O&P industry. Today, we continue to anticipate the independent practitioner's needs by introducing new services that allow better clinical and economic outcomes.

For a better service experience, call PEL at 800.321.1264. You will find it to be a powerful reason to rely on PEL for your O&P products and supplies.

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