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The American Medical Association (AMA) president, Steven J. Stack, MD, cut to the heart of practitioner frustrations within our current healthcare system. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, he stated that barriers that prevent practitioners from focusing on their patients must be reduced.1

Similar findings were described in a recent Medscape Report that surveyed 19,000 practitioners representing 26 different specialties. Practitioners summarized their greatest source of frustration as barriers to practitioner-patient time, primarily bureaucratic tasks.2 These tasks include paperwork to keep up with changing federal regulations, insurance, and reimbursement. The business side of medicine intrudes on practitioner-patient time, fueling frustration and contributing to worsening patient outcomes.

To achieve better results, a collaborative healthcare solution is essential. Companies that support practitioners can empower them to spend more time focusing on their patients. PEL CEO and President Mike Sotak recognizes this important role for O&P distributors and provided this insight: "Companies that help practitioners save time by eliminating barriers to patient care ultimately form stronger relationships with the practitioners they serve. The easier we can make finding a product on our website or the faster we respond to a practitioner question, the more value we contribute to a better patient experience."

At PEL, we lead the O&P industry in personal customer service, empowering practitioners to focus on what they do best-providing high-quality patient care. The 2015 Independent O&P Practitioner Study results rated PEL highest in customer service, highest in ease of website navigation, and lowest in customer frustration.3

If you desire a better distributor experience, try PEL, leading the O&P industry in personal customer service.

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