AOPA Reopens Two RFPs

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As part of its Orthotics 2020 program, the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) has reopened requests for proposals (RFPs) in two categories: back bracing and osteoarthritis bracing (knee). Earlier this year, AOPA requested grant applications in five orthotic-related subject areas, with an original deadline of April 30. The new deadline for submissions in the two reopened topics is June 30.

All grant applications that were previously submitted in the two categories will be included in the pool of applications to be evaluated and considered. However, AOPA noted that the back bracing category is neither written nor intended to solicit submissions related to scoliosis, and that except for the extended deadline date, all terms stated in the two original RFPs remain intact and in effect.

To read the RFPs, visit AOPA's website.