Study Reports on Myoelectric Hand Function for ADLs

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Seventeen patients who underwent prosthetic fitting after unilateral transradial amputations were enrolled in a study that reported normative outcome data of myoelectric prosthetic hand function using four different objective measurements related to activities of daily living (ADLs).

Global upper-limb function was evaluated using the Action Research Arm Test (ARAT), Southampton Hand Assessment Procedure (SHAP), the Clothespin-Relocation Test (CPRT) and the Box and Block Test (BBT), which monitor hand and extremity function.The patients achieved a mean ARAT score of 35.06 ± 4.42 of 57. The average SHAP score was 65.12 ± 13.95 points. The mean time for the CPRT was 22.57 ± 7.50 seconds and the mean score in the BBT was 20.90 ± 5.74, the study reported.

The study was published online August 27 in the American of Journal Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.