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This Online Exclusive shares details about some of the educational sessions being held Wednesday, September 26, through Saturday, September 29, at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) National Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, to enhance your experience there or to provide you with more insight into the proceedings.

Several sessions share a common method: top-ten strategies, solutions, ideas, and answers to frequent O&P topics and questions. On Thursday, the Top Ten Series includes 30-minute sessions about the Top-Ten Things You Need to Know to Create a Chart Audit, the Top-Ten Key Elements When Navigating the Medicare Appeal Process, the Top-Ten Reimbursement Questions, and the Top-Ten Things to Know About the Changing Payer & Reimbursement Landscape. The sessions will be led by Kimberly Hanson, Ottobock's director of reimbursement; Dale Berry, CP, LP, FAAOP; Linda Collins, MS; and Matt Waller, senior vice president, sales and marketing, VGM Homelink, respectively.

The three-part Top-Ten Insights for Making and Keeping Your Pedorthic Practice Successful is also scheduled for Thursday and Friday, and one of Friday's Hamontree Lectures, by Kenneth Gavin, CO, Med, is called Organizational Mission Possible: Top-Ten Developmental Impacts with Increasing Employee Engagement and Lean Strategies. Lesleigh Sisson, CFom, presents her session, Top 10 Ways to Get and Keep Your Money, about third-party payments, on Friday.

Saturday's Best Business Practices sessions will discuss trends in O&P business administration, including monetizing research and development tax credits; insurance coverage to protect against harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination claims; and a review of the top-ten fundamentals for anyone considering selling their business or determining its worth.

Outside of the top-ten theme, the Business Certificate Program business and management sessions on Wednesday include Basic Financial Accounting—How to Read a Financial Statement by Adam Herman, CPA; Overhead Reduction Strategies, by Kathleen DeLawrence, COO, Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics; and The Operating Performance Benchmarking Survey: What it Can do for You, by Jeff Brandt, CPO, CEO, Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics.

Security topics are also plentiful, including Thursday's Compliance in a Changing World, with sessions about protecting your business from legal mistakes and cyberattacks. Presenters will be Carol Albaugh, LPTA, and Bill Wilson, CPIA. Other educational sessions throughout the Assembly include advances in O&P research, regulatory and legislative issues, technology for geriatric patients, and product information from many O&P manufacturers.

Mike Schultz, who most recently won a gold medal in snowboard-cross and a silver medal in the banked slalom at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, will speak at Saturday's general session, which will also include information about Orthotics 2020.

Certainly, attendees will have no trouble finding useful and timely sessions to attend, and those who cannot attend will benefit from the knowledge gained and shared by their colleagues.

To see the 2018 AOPA National Assembly program, visit www.aopanet.org/education/13072-2/2018-program-schedule-at-a-glance.