Ekso Bionics Makes Changes to Board

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The board of directors of Ekso Bionics Holdings, Richmond, California, has approved an increase to its board to seven directors and appointed Thomas A. Schreck to fill the vacancy, effective October 30.

Schreck will serve as a member of the audit committee of the board, the chair of the compensation committee, and the chair of the nominating and governance committee. He has served as cofounder, vice chairman, and CEO of Sinusys, a medical device company, since June 2010. He holds a bachelor's degree in American studies from Williams College.

The board also appointed Steven Sherman, previously the board chairman, as its executive chairman, effective October 30, for a two-year term. He will advise the CEO regarding strategic business development activities, and will no longer serve on Ekso's audit committee, compensation committee, or nominating and governance committee.

Sherman has served as a director and the board chairman since January 2014, and served on the board of directors from December 2013 until January 2014. He has been a member of Sherman Capital Group since 1988.