Hanger Added to Small-cap Stock Market Index

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Hanger, Austin, Texas, has been added as a member of the Russell 2000 Index, a small-cap stock market index, effective July 1, as part of the 2019 Russell U.S. Indexes reconstitution. Small-cap stocks are the stocks of publicly traded companies that have a market capitalization from $300 million to about $2 billion. The Russell 2000 index measures the performance of approximately 2,000 smallest-cap American companies in the Russell 3000 Index, which is made up of 3,000 of the largest U.S. stocks. It is a market-cap weighted index. Hanger's stock also was automatically added to the appropriate growth and value indexes.

"This is significant as it is a great reflection and celebration of the accomplishments of our nearly 5,000 employees, and the resulting success among our public company peers," said Vinit Asar, Hanger president and CEO. "It also heightens our visibility to investors as we continue demonstrating that we have the optimal long-term strategy in place for our continued growth."

Russell US Indexes are widely used by investment managers and institutional investors for passive funds and investment products and as benchmarks for active investment strategies. Approximately $9 trillion in assets are benchmarked against Russell U.S. Indexes.