Dralla Foundation Sponsors OPAF First Climb

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Dralla Foundation sponsored an OPAF First Climb clinic at the New Jersey Rock Gym in Fairfield. The full-day event included local therapists, clinicians, and rock-climbing enthusiasts. The morning session was geared toward adaptive rock climbing for individuals with physical challenges and included belay training. A two-hour session on adaptive climbing, led by First Climb instructor Tommy Lyon and assisted by Danit Mark, president of Peak Potential Climbing in Fairfield, followed the training. Instructors covered adaptive techniques, equipment, and approaches to climbing, as well as how to work together with a person with physical or mobility challenge and their adaptive devices or equipment.

Instructors covered adaptive techniques and approaches to climbing.

Photograph courtesy of OPAF.

Volunteers from Allard USA, Rockaway, New Jersey, the parent company of the Dralla Foundation, also attended.

Additionally, OPAF introduced the parents of Timothy Piazza, who died in a college hazing accident in 2017, to First Clinics and the Dralla Foundation. Piazza's family has created a foundation to help with O&P componentry, said Robin Burton, OPAF executive director