Update: Össur Donating Swabs for COVID-19 Testing

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A representative from Össur clarified that the correct number of donated swabs is 20,000, not the 100,000 seen in original news reports. 

As of 3/27, the swabs have been validated and are being used to test patients for the SARS-CoV2 virus, which causes COVID-19.

Össur, Reykjavik, Iceland, is donating 20,000 testing swabs similar to those used to test for COVID-19 that may be usable for the purpose. The number of coronavirus tests being administered in Iceland has decreased daily between March 18 and March 22 as the number of swabs remaining in the country shrinks. Searching for a method to manufacture the swabs locally led the National University Hospital and deCODE genetics to Össur, according to Iceland Review.

"deCODE genetics contacted Össur about the possibility of manufacturing swabs and found out that they have swabs, not like the ones we have been using, but swabs we could possibly use," Karl G. Kristinsson, head of the National University Hospital's virology ward, told the newspaper. "We have tested them a bit and they seem to work, so we put a few in trial and get to research them tomorrow. Then we'll know whether we can use them [for COVID-19 testing]."