Hanger Asks Suppliers to Delay Clinic Sales Calls

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Hanger, Austin, Texas, sent a letter to its suppliers providing guidance about  sales isits in light of COVID-19 social distancing efforts. Hanger asked that in-person sales calls to its facilities be delayed for at least 60 days for the safety of critical staff and the patients who require services. Hanger said the goal is to minimize the number of people gathering in its facilities and that it will provide additional guidance after 60 days.

The letter, signed by James H. Campbell, PhD, chief clinical officer; Eric Craig, vice president, procurement; and Dixon LeGrande, vice president, sales and marketing, read as follows:

Dear Supplier Partners,

As government shelter-in-place regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic begin to decrease, we are being asked when you can begin physically calling on Hanger Clinics. In response we ask that you please continue to avoid in-person contact with our clinics for the next 60 days. We will provide additional guidance at that time.

As a valued partner we understand the importance of your company calling on our clinics, but these are unprecedented times, and our clinicians are focused on our patients and their safety.

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue participating in virtual education and marketing to stay engaged with our clinics. We have many opportunities for you to stay top-of-mind on our Hanger Store website, which our clinicians continue to visit every week.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued partnership through this pandemic.