AOPA to Launch Diversity Policy

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On the final day of the 2020 American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) Virtual National Assembly, AOPA announced it will launch a new initiative soon that will focus on defining diversity and inclusion within the O&P community.   

The initiative will be multifaceted and driven by members of the O&P Alliance and the larger O&P community, said Eve Lee, AOPA executive director during the closing session.

"Yes, we are collaborative, we are open, and we are inclusive, but, yes, we need to do make certain we are appropriately addressing racial inequity in our profession and with the patients we serve," Lee said.  

AOPA will issue an inclusion and diversity pledge in the coming weeks, Lee said. AOPA will also be holding roundtable discussions, as well as providing education and other related resources. The new member portal, launched during the virtual Assembly this week, will be designed to provide a safe place to share questions, concerns and ideas with others, Lee said.

Also Saturday morning, O&P Alliance members held the session, "Workplace Sexual Harassment: Dialogue and Creating a Respectful Environment." Representatives of the O&P Alliance provided an update on what the profession has achieved over the past year regarding harassment within the O&P workplace, as well as outlined tools for implementing sound anti-harassment policies in O&P practices.

In addition, awards were presented during the session recognizing students, clinicians, and business within O&P.

The entire virtual assembly will be available attendees to views online through October 12.

AOPA is planning the 2021 National Assembly—in person—in Boston September 9-12.