Heard in the Hallway 9.14.2020

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Presenters enjoyed the real-time interaction with participants during their sessions. John Brinkmann, MA, CPO/L, FAAOP(D), Northwestern University: I wasn't sure what to expect for the live event and was pleasantly surprised by the level of engagement and interaction between attendees during the presentation. Nina Bondre organized our symposium and scheduled a specific time period for each of the presenters to monitor the chat. We were able to respond to comments in real time using chat, and also address questions from the audience during an extended Q&A.

Attendees also said they took away useful policy information from some of the sessions. Erin Cammarata, CBS Medical Billing and Consulting, Exeter, New Hampshire: Joe McTernan was talking about the new prosthetic prior authorization process and the quote I wrote down was "The time to work on improved documentation from your end and your referral source is now." I wrote it down because to me, it was so great. Joe is  right. We know what the insurance companies are looking for, we know what we need to have in the record. We need to be compliant, take a proactive approach and create this process.