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Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania, is seeking participants for a research study to evaluate the benefits of a custom KAFO with a powered knee joint system in patients with lower-limb paralysis or weakness. Prototype devices will be fitted and programmed to participants with limited capacity to walk without assistance. Walking performance and balance with the powered KAFO will be tested, and the results will be used to inform the future adjustments/improvements to the product design. The researchers are looking for people who meet the following criteria to participate in the study:

·        Weakness of the lower extremity on one or both sides of the body 

·        Knee instability

·        Quadriceps weakness

·        Paralysis

·        Manual Muscle Test knee extensor strength 2 out of 5 or greater, if weakness on both sides 

·        Manual Muscle Test hip flexor score strength 2 out of 5 or greater

·        Age 18‐65 years old

·        Non‐pregnant

·        English speaking 

·        Able to follow directions to comply with the testing protocol 

·        Free of cognitive disorders

·        Free of visual impairment

·        Weight ≤ 250 lb.

The research study will be performed over a series of four or five visits, each lasting about four hours. Participants will receive $100 compensation for each research visit.

For further information, contact Brian Kaluf, BSE, CP, Ability's clinical outcome and research director, and the study's principal investigator, at 864‐552‐1840 or