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The Division of Biomechanics and Research Development at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) announced an on-site partnership with Innovative Prosthetics and Orthotics, with facilities in Omaha, Hastings, Grand Island, and Kearney, Nebraska.



Photograph courtesy of UNO.

Founded in 2006 by CEO Rakesh Srivastava, CPO, FAAOP, Innovative P&O's Omaha clinic recently moved to its new location at the university's Biomechanics Research Building.


"Our state is one of the first few to pioneer something like this—where the clinical side of the prosthetics and orthotics, as well as the research, is under one roof," said Srivastava. "This will not only help the university and the business, but also the patient. Through research opportunities at UNO, patients will explore newer possibilities they did not previously have access to."


The on-site partnership will focus on:

  • Development and production of low-cost O&P components
  • Device assembly and custom fabrication
  • Expanded research opportunities for patients
  • Research and training opportunities for UNO students through hands-on experience and job shadowing, creating stronger career pathways to the O&P field

In 2014, Srivastava joined the Cyborg Beast research team, headed by Jorge Zuniga, PhD, an associate professor of biomechanics at UNO. The Cyborg Beast team develops low-cost 3D printed O&P devices for children with limb differences.


"Components for prosthetics and orthotics can get pretty pricey, and I wanted to see how they could be produced not so just a few people could afford them, but thousands and thousands worldwide could afford the technology," explained Srivastava.


"I am extremely excited about this opportunity because now our research participants coming from all over the country will have access to professional prosthetic services," said Zuniga.