Socket Suspension May Provide Greater Comfort Than Pinlock

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A research team analyzed self-reported differences among adults with transtibial amputations using pinlock and suction suspension systems. From the sample, the researchers concluded that people with transtibial amputations who use suction suspension may report greater socket comfort than peers using pinlock suspension, but that mobility and balance confidence may be similar.

Forty-eight participants completed measures evaluating socket comfort (Socket Comfort Score), prosthesis-enabled mobility (Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire-Mobility Section and Locomotor Capabilities Index), and balance-confidence (Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale).

The participants using suction suspension reported significantly higher Socket Comfort Scores as compared with participants using pinlock suspension. No differences were observed between groups for Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire—Mobility Section, Locomotor Capabilities Index, and Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale.

The study, "Self-reported socket comfort, mobility, and balance-confidence of individuals with transtibial amputation using pinlock vs suction suspension," was published in Prosthetics and Orthotics International.