Poll Results: Telehealth and Challenges in O&P

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Thirty percent of those who responded to telehealth's role in O&P said it was "somewhat important." Nineteen percent said it was very important, and 19 percent said patients should also be seen in person.

When it comes to challenges in working in O&P, 64 percent said the hardest thing is billing and/or reimbursement. Fifteen percent said patient management was the most difficult aspect, 12 percent chose marketing, and nine percent found the hiring process to be the biggest challenge.

One commenter, a delivery and service technician, said, "From an employee's perspective, who is technical but not clinical, being hired is the hardest thing. The O&P world is a bifurcation of mom and pop small shops and hegemonic clinical titans with far off central fabs." That is certainly a challenge.

Speaking of responses, our latest poll—the best thing about working in O&P—is up and in full swing.

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