Poll Results: The Advantages of Small, Medium, or Large O&P Facilities

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When asked about the advantages of staying as a smaller, independent O&P facility, 82 percent responded that being smaller allowed them to offer better, more intimate care; 15 percent said having a smaller staff was a plus, and three percent said they were able to have more community involvement. No one thought that having a familiar brand was essential.

One responder commented that all answers were equally important: "All of the options can equally apply to larger companies as well, including smaller staff. My answer would be: being able to communicate directly with management to make real-time decisions," he said.

Last week's question centered on the advantages of merging with a manufacturer-owned facility or a large regional patient care facility. Seventy-three percent said the best thing about being owned by a larger facility was having someone to share the financial burdens of running a company. Thirteen percent said they had help alleviating daily pressures and they could focus on patient care.

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