The Best Bang for Your Buck

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By Maria St. Louis-Sanchez

Good marketing doesn't have to be expensive or overly time-consuming. Here are some ways to build your company's recognition factor.

Get involved in the community

Starting a patient support group or volunteering at O&P community events can help others to get to know your practice and associate it with good work.

Teach a class

Teaching others in the therapy community about orthotics and/or prosthetics can establish you as an expert in the field and make your practice known to potential referral sources.

Stay social

Put a face to your practice on social media. The experts suggest a patient-centered approach, showing how your practice has helped your patients reach their goals.

Target your marketing efforts

To help keep your marketing dollars focused, social media platforms and Google advertising allow advertisers to target users who look up specific key words—prosthetic or orthotic, for example—and to those who live in specific areas. By targeting in that way, you know that the money you spend is going toward attracting the people most likely to need your services. 

Keep in regular contact with referral sources

Doctors often switch practices or retire, so it's a good idea to keep track of your top referral sources to keep the competition from swooping in when changes are made. One strategy is to assign certain staff members to top referral sources and have a defined plan for regular communication with them.