Low-Cost Prosthetic Knee Wins Technological Award

The ReMotion low-cost prosthetic knee, developed by D-Rev (Design Revolution), San Francisco, California, has won an Empowering People Award from Siemens Stiftung, headquartered in Munich, Germany. The ReMotion Knee, which was made for use in developing countries, is fabricated of polymer-based materials. It has a polycentric mechanism and universal attachments to interface with standard prosthetic leg systems and is designed for cost-effectiveness and stability on rough terrain.

According to the Siemens Stiftung website, the foundation works with partners to "create opportunities for social and economic participation and to promote positive social change." The ReMotion Knee was one of 23 community awards chosen from more than 800 submissions in fields such as health, food and agriculture, and energy.

D-Rev is a nonprofit product development company started by graduate students at Stanford University, California, in 2008.