Study Compares Functional Performance of Genium and C-Leg

A study in Vol. 53 No. 6 of the Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development compares the Ottobock Genium microprocessor-controlled knee (MPK) with the Ottobock C-Leg. The researchers' aim was to determine whether Genium use improves functional performance compared with the C-Leg.

A randomized experimental crossover design was used, with a cross section of five nonamputee controls for comparison. Twenty community-ambulating people with transfemoral amputations were trained and tested for accommodation with study components. All subjects (n = 25) were assessed using the Continuous-Scale Physical Functional Performance-10 (CS-PFP10) assessment. Subjects with transfemoral amputations used both MPK systems. It was found that Genium use improved upper-body flexibility, balance, and endurance domain scores (7 percent - 8.4 percent) compared with the C-Leg. Only in the endurance domain did Genium users score significantly lower than nonamputees (22.4 percent). Comparing the C-Leg with nonamputees, CS-PFP10 total (2 percent - 24.4 percent) and all domains except upper-body strength were lower than nonamputees (-13.4 percent to -28.9 percent). Nonetheless, regardless of knee condition, subjects with transfemoral amputations did not equal or surpass nonamputees in any functional domain, suggesting room for improvements in their functional performance.