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How do you think your hand skills match up? Can you skive the perfect angles? Can you own the most awesome transfers? Can you nail the assembly of a speedy rivet? Can you do it all while engaging in conversation and simultaneously being shot at by Nerf guns or flying hockey pucks, pausing to sew a fishing gear bag or bike rack straps, then fabricating a leg (or an AFO or possibly foot orthotics) while drinking coffee and dodging a humpy dog? If you say yes to the questions above, you should send us your list of skills and accomplishments achieved from this said list. Everyone digs skills. Lightning round bonus question: What are the mathematical similarities and differences between a Trautman and a fidget spinner (with or without specific cones attached)? Please send your answer along with your resumé. The best answer will receive a virtual high five.

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Updated: December 2018
Classified #8496