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Gritty and Driven CPO


Congratulations tributes, you have survived long enough to read another CPO classified ad. The district of Alaska is in search of a gritty and driven CPO wishing to dominate this pandemic apocalypse and make some culturally diverse alliances along the way. Our Fairbanks operations are in need of a flame shooting confident practitioner, resourcefully able to navigate the wilds of bureaucratic insurance compliance and extracting classified information from patients (honestly, how the heck does one go about shorting out an MPK with moose blood and cement?!). The winning tribute will likely possess the cunning to not get triggered by hyper-emotional mutants or other tributes and cannot have any fear of children or their wrath. They can smell your fear. 

(Yes, you must send a resume. We will hang up on you if you call to ‘chat' about a resume you are ‘thinking' of sending or don't have prepared.)

Resumes with work references go here:
Posted: Aug 13, 2020
Updated: Aug 28, 2020
Classified #8943