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Certified Orthotist
Fairfax, Virginia

National Scoliosis Center is seeking a Certified Orthotist, CO or CPO, to consult, provide, and fabricate custom TLSOs for scoliosis and spinal disorder patients. The responsibilities for this position include managing comprehensive care-patient assessment, formulation of a treatment plan, implementation of the treatment plan, follow-up care and working with patient physicians. The individual must be knowledgeable with, and eager to learn, current trends in the scoliosis orthotic industry. The candidate must possess excellent interpersonal skills.

National Scoliosis Center is 100 percent dedicated to non-operative, evidence-based treatment of scoliosis and spinal disorders. Our team of professionals use techniques including Rigo Cheneau style bracing, Schroth physical therapy, low-dose X-rays, patient education, and emotional support. National Scoliosis Center is located in the greater Washington DC area (with offices in Fairfax, VA, and Baltimore, MD) and proudly serves patients both locally and worldwide.

To apply, email resume to:
Brent Beach
National Scoliosis Center
Phone: 703-849-8808
Posted: Nov 30, 2020
Updated: Jan 06, 2021
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