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Operations Officer Wanted


Busy Long Island New York O&P facility is looking for an energetic individual to manage our multiple facilities. A successful candidate would be familiar with HR laws, understand L-Codes and how they are billed in our profession, be familiar with contract negotiations, ABC facility certification requirements, supervise A/C and A/P and are familiar with the use of social media. Pluses would include being familiar with Medflex software, be multilingual and enjoy problem solving.

Our salary is flexible and commensurate with your experience. We contribute to your 401k plan, provide individual medical and dental insurance, life insurance and travel allowances. We provide a private office, vacation time and paid holidays. Our company has been established over 40 years. We are an ABC Certified facility and have a staff of 35 employees.

Posted: Apr 12, 2021
Updated: Apr 27, 2021
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