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Prosthetic Fabrication Technician


Titan O&P Fabrications is looking for a prosthetic technician to join our team.  We are an ABC Accredited Central Fabrication facility specializing in prosthetic fabrication. 

Job Summary: Looking for a proficient technician to work with carbon fiber and ballistic grade materials to laminate sockets.  Technician work includes heating and vacuum forming. As well as complete finishing of composites sockets. Team members need to be self-motivated and quick starters, ready to work. Each team member is accountable for completing work to standards and timelines.  Titan is a fast pace and fast-growing central fabrication facility. We work closely as a team and focus solely on lamination fabrication. 

Preferred Experience: 1-3 years industry experience 


For more information, contact:
Titan O&P Fabrications Inc
Updated: June 2021
Classified #9158