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Upper Limb Prosthetist
Las Vegas, Nevada

$70,000 - $90,000 dependent on experience.

We are a UK company with a mission to: "Create and Democratise Technology that Enhances the Human Body".

We want to make beautiful bionic limbs more accessible and to turn disabilities into superpowers!  

We have collaborated on marketing campaigns with some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Star Wars, Marvel, Twentieth Century Fox and Konami, and we have won multiple awards including, most recently, the Hanger Clinics Innovation Award for 2019.  

We are looking for a highly passionate individual to help continue our growth in the USA. As our Upper Limb Prosthetist, you will believe that innovative prosthetic solutions can enhance users' quality of life.

Your role will be to fit Open Bionics' customers with Hero Arms and provide the full workflow of building and fitting check-sockets, including training delivery to new Hero Arm users, so they make the most out of their prosthesis. You will already have the highest standards of customer service along with the potential to specialise in upper limb prosthetics, as you will eventually be expected to manage your own clinic!

We offer competitive salaries, benefits and a fantastic company culture working alongside our talented team, putting you in the perfect position to make a difference!

Updated: June 2021
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