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Clinical Specialist

Naked Prosthetics ("NP") is a fast-paced organization whose mission is to support and positively impact people with partial hand and digit amputations by providing functional, high-quality finger prostheses. As a rapid growing company both nationally and internationally, we are looking for more dedicated team member to support our mission. 

NP is seeking a full-time Clinical Specialist to provide clinical education on our product  family to our customers and referral sources. The ideal candidate will have a proven ability to present information effectively to large and small groups, communicate and work efficiently with multiple teams, and meet all interactions with warmth, dedication, and follow through.

This person will be committed to helping our customers achieve successful outcomes for the end users of our product through authentic, informative, and transparent conversations. This position is an opportunity to engage with healthcare providers and interact with prosthetist and amputees in order to provide and support functional solutions.


Updated: June 2021
Classified #9186