Sunny Northern California awaits...

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Sunny Northern California awaits...

CO's, CP's, and CP0's your new adventure starts here..

With mountains on 3 sides, 2 lakes and multiple rivers to explore, Redding, California offers an array of recreational activities for individuals or families. At Tegerstrand's, we specialize in innovative tech, hardware and problem solving to allow our clients the ability to enjoy all the opportunities the North-State has to offer, while building on client relationships. We are an independently owned & operated O&P facility looking for individuals who enjoy what they do and share in our passion for patient care.

For more information, contact:
Justin Tegerstrand
Tegerstrand O&P
Phone: 5302414040
Fax: 5302414092
Posted: Sep 08, 2021
Updated: Sep 08, 2021
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