Technical Education: What Do Educators Say? - April 2003

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Physical Therapists: Are They Encroaching on O&P?
By Miki Fairley

Are the two disciplines complementary or competitive? How much do they overlap? Here, two physical therapists with wide experience in working with prosthetic and orthotic patients give their views.


Cutting Edge

Can You Afford To Discount?
By Randy Schmitke, CPA, MBA

"Yes." Now that is an answer that willget some folks' blood boiling. Immediately, your thoughts mightbe... "How does he know what I can or can't afford todo?


DC Direct

HIPAA: How to Handle a Vendor Selling HIPAA Services and Products
By Jay Masci

So what do you say when sales representatives call to sell their company’s HIPAA services and products?


Today's Consumer

Amputation Doesn’t Derail Soccer Dream
By Tami Jayne Jackson

Thomas Feller receives gifts from Russian students as he visits their classroom. Thomas Feller has had a love affair with soccergoing back to his younger days. His love of the sport took him tothree state championships with his youth soccer team-a...


Leading EDGE

How to Hire the Right Employees
By Joe Sansone

It has happened to most of us at least once. Aftersearching for the ideal candidate, you finally make an offer toyour best applicant. The fledgling employee then shows up for hisfirst day of work.



Richard Hughes, Orthotist/Prosthetist

Richard Hughes, Orthotist/Prosthetist Bauerfeind USA Kennesaw, Georgia How did you become involved inO&P? I lost my limb in a sailing accident at age 21. I watched the prosthetist make my first leg, and knew that we builtsailboats better than that.



Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware)
By David Adams, MBA

With both sons in college, I thought it wasprudent to build a computer from scratch for one of them. Ipurchased several new parts recommended by the store clerk. Afterseemingly endless hours of frustration and troubleshooting, Idetermined that a p...



From the Editor
By Miki Fairley

The pace of change in the O&P profession andallied rehab often seems dizzying-new sophisticated technology, newresearch, more government regulation, changes in the reimbursementenvironment-the list goes on. It's exciting, challenging, and sometime...



Technician Education: What Do Educators Say?
By Miki Fairley

O&P Educators give their thoughts on the changing role of the technician and what this means for technician education.