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Posted By Ronnie Graves on 12/22/2011 11:26:01 AM
Dear list,

Many of you have asked me to post updates on our animal rescue missions
around the country. I've tried to keep it to a minimum so as not to
interfere with the educational aspects of our list serve.

Sumter Disaster Animal Response Team has responded to almost every Tornado
or flood this year and the Northeast Hurricane too. We have sheltered and
transported over 4000 domestic type animals and even two loads of Tigers
this year. Our team sheltered 545 dogs seized in Montreal in September and
just finished that deployment. Two of our big rigs were just sent from
Florida to transport two separate groups of Puppy Mill dogs up to the New
Jersey and New York shelters that could take them. We have also developed
critical agreements that the receiving shelters not be able to Euthanize any
incoming or currents ones to make room for our rescues. Our Director of
Operations was even in Japan soon after the Earthquake hit to assist in
setting up a pet friendly shelter. None of these trips would be possible
were it not for the support of everyone out there. Thank you all very much.

I was finally required to qualify for a CDL Class A drivers license and
had to take all of the tests required by the US DOT to allow me to drive our
rigs across state lines. The Federal examiner said that I handled my
Prosthesis better than he had ever seen before. I was VERY happy to learn
that the examiner actually knew about different level of disabilities and
was familiar with elevated vacuum suspension and various energy storing
feet. He also knew how to drive a truck. The test given was actually a very
fair test to see if I knew how to use a clutch and could operate a rig

Our Animal Orthotics and Prosthetics continues to expand. I just returned
off of a trip to Houston, Texas and Ventura California to fit knee braces on
two horses. I was also in Sacramento earlier this winter to fit a third
horse with a device that unloads the weight bearing from the hoof.

Happy Holidays to Everyone and I hope to see you all next year at some

Ronnie Graves

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