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Posted By David Sulis on 4/22/2013 7:30:04 AM
 I have a PT who is a Bilateral AKA and he has used stubbies for 1 year and he is interested in C legs. My concern is that it is hard to prove that he would every reach the K level to justify this style of legs with MEDICARE. He currently walks in his stubbies everyday in  his home  for over 1 hour but not out side b/c he does not like people looking at him. He has good upper body strength and good lower body strength but has not used knee as of yet.  To top it off he is also a VET,  and the VET hx stated that he need to walk 100 ft before he could rec this style of legs and after he became mad they told him that he is no longer welcomed at the VET HX. . SO I am stuck w MEDICARE. I am wondering if there is any exceptions for bilateral that I have not heard of. Any assistance would be helpful. Thank you David Sulis CPO